“It’s the easiest walking device I’ve used.  I feel very safe and stable in it.  I am able to walk longer distances.” 

- Tom O, Severna Park, MD

“I could do away with my wheelchair a lot sooner.” 

Stewart P, Chatsworth, CA

"I feel secure and I am more confident.  My upper body is supported and I can sit for my rest break.” 

– K.C. Tanner, San Jose, CA

I had a great time in London.  I was able to do almost everything I wanted. I got my  monies worth this week!” 

-  Jennifer T, Solana Beach, CA

 “It encourages me to walk up to 2 miles a day!  And it relieves my back pain.” 

– Ruth G, Laguna Woods, CA

“I like the freedom to get around my large, uneven property.”

– Maryann T, Douglas, AZ 

“The easy transportability, maneuverability in tight spots, and sizable storage bag and make it excellent for me" 

- Arthur M, Cedar Grove, NJ



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