“The Dashaway’s engineering and design represents a new form of treatment that allows patients to improve.”

- Dr. Ronald Ziman, MD
Neurologist, Northridge Neurological Center, CA


“The Dashaway is the most encouraging mobility and exercise tool available. I have never encountered a mobility device designed to make the patient better.”

- Dr. Hart Cohen, MD
Neurologist, Cedars Sinai, CA


“My patient is standing up now, without hesitation, walks around, and has regained her confidence.”

- Dimitri Rimsky, DPT
Neu-Wellness Institute, CA


“The Ultimate walking machine.”

- Dr. Debra Rose, Fall Prevention Expert
California State University, Fullerton, CA


“The features we especially liked were the braking system and the fact that our 86-year old patient could rest her forearms on the armrests for support.”

- Sister H.E. Young, SRN, SRM
Durban, South Africa


“The Dashaway is the perfect rehabilitation, mobility and fitness system for my practice.”

- Dr Evan Berk, DC
President, California Chiropractic Association


“For patients in early rehab, as well as someone with progressive gait failure, the Dashaway would be better than a walker or rollator.”

- Dr. Hunter H. McGuire, Jr.
Former Chief of Surgery, McGuire Veterans Hospital, Richmond VA


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